Woman is fined after making almost £2000 selling cheap UGG boots

Lynsey Nelson, pictured, has been fined £3,000 and given a suspended sentence after being found guilty of selling counterfeit branded goods

A woman has been fined after making almost £2000 selling fake designer goods on Facebook, including cheap UGG Boots, designer watches and sunglasses.

Lynsey Nelson, 33, was caught after undercover West Sussex Trading Standards officers bought her products and confirmed them to be counterfeit.

Whilst the investigation was ongoing, Nelson was arrested by Surrey Police for driving without an MOT.

Her car was found to be full of counterfeit clothing and sunglasses which were passed through to Trading Standards.

Following a financial investigation, Nelson, from Crawley, West Sussex, was found to have made £1950, according to the council.

Now, she has been given a four-month suspended sentence and ordered to pay a £300 fine within six months.

During the trial Nelson attempted to blame her brother but a jury at Brighton County Court found her guilty on 18 counts.

Sentencing, the judge told Nelson she had wasted taxpayers money on a full trial despite the overwhelming amount of evidence against her.

After the case concluded, Richard Sargeant, West Sussex Trading Standards team manager, said: Selling fake goods is a serious crime and one that we are determined to stop.

Any shoppers looking for a deal this Christmas should buy from a reputable trader or they might end up with more than they bargained for.

Cheap UGG boots, pictured, were among the goods Nelson sold and she made £1950 through sales over Facebook

David Barling, West Sussex County Council’s cabinet member for Residents’ Services, said: Making money out of innocent people is a deplorable act.

Not only were unsuspecting consumers exploited but the actions of these criminals harm legitimate businesses who comply with the law.

Our Trading Standards team have done a fantastic job once again in bringing a faker to justice.